onapsdk.sdnc package


onapsdk.sdnc.preload module

SDNC preload module.

class onapsdk.sdnc.preload.NetworkPreload

Bases: onapsdk.sdnc.preload.Preload

Class to upload network module preload.

classmethod upload_network_preload(network, network_instance_name, subnets=None)

Upload network preload.

  • network (Network) – Network object

  • network_instance_name (str) – network instance name

  • subnets (Iterable[Subnet], optional) – Iterable object of Subnet. Defaults to None.

Return type


class onapsdk.sdnc.preload.Preload

Bases: onapsdk.sdnc.sdnc_element.SdncElement

Preload base class.

headers: Dict[str, str] = {'Accept': 'application/json', 'Content-Type': 'application/json', 'authorization': 'Basic YWRtaW46S3A4Yko0U1hzek0wV1hsaGFrM2VIbGNzZTJnQXc4NHZhb0dHbUp2VXkyVQ==', 'x-fromappid': 'API client', 'x-transactionid': 'eae8cd38-4dd2-4e1f-91a6-4e9db4f99cae'}
class onapsdk.sdnc.preload.PreloadInformation(preload_id, preload_type, preload_data)

Bases: onapsdk.sdnc.preload.Preload

Preload information.

classmethod get_all()

Get all preload informations.

Get all uploaded preloads.


PreloadInformation – Preload information object

Return type


class onapsdk.sdnc.preload.VfModulePreload

Bases: onapsdk.sdnc.preload.Preload

Class to upload vf module preload.

classmethod upload_vf_module_preload(vnf_instance, vf_module_instance_name, vf_module, vnf_parameters=None)

Upload vf module preload.

  • vnf_instance (VnfInstance) – VnfInstance object

  • vf_module_instance_name (str) – VF module instance name

  • vf_module (VfModule) – VF module

  • vnf_parameters (Iterable[InstantiationParameter], optional) – Iterable object of InstantiationParameter. Defaults to None.

Return type


onapsdk.sdnc.sdnc_element module

SDNC base module.

class onapsdk.sdnc.sdnc_element.SdncElement

Bases: onapsdk.onap_service.OnapService

SDNC base class.

base_url = 'https://sdnc.api.simpledemo.onap.org:30267'
classmethod get_guis()

Retrieve the status of the SDNC GUIs.

There are 2 GUIS - SDNC DG Builder - SDNC ODL

Return the list of GUIs

Return type


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