onapsdk.msb package



onapsdk.msb.esr module

ESR module.

class onapsdk.msb.esr.ESR

Bases: onapsdk.msb.msb_service.MSB

External system EST module.

base_url = 'https://msb.api.simpledemo.onap.org:30283/api/aai-esr-server/v1/vims'
classmethod register_vim(cloud_owner, cloud_region_id, cloud_type, cloud_region_version, auth_info_cloud_domain, auth_info_username, auth_info_password, auth_info_url, owner_defined_type=None, cloud_zone=None, physical_location_id=None, cloud_extra_info=None, auth_info_ssl_cacert=None, auth_info_ssl_insecure=None)

Register VIM.

  • cloud_owner (str) – cloud owner name, can be customized, e.g. att-aic

  • cloud_region_id (str) – cloud region info based on deployment, e.g. RegionOne

  • cloud_type (str) – type of the cloud, decides which multicloud plugin to use, openstack or vio

  • cloud_region_version (str) – cloud version, ocata, mitaka or other

  • auth_info_cloud_domain (str) – domain info for keystone v3

  • auth_info_username (str) – user name

  • auth_info_password (str) – password

  • auth_info_url (str) – authentication url of the cloud, e.g. keystone url

  • owner_defined_type (str, optional) – cloud-owner defined type indicator (e.g., dcp, lcp). Defaults to None.

  • cloud_zone (str, optional) – zone where the cloud is homed.. Defaults to None.

  • physical_location_id (str, optional) – complex physical location id for cloud-region instance. Defaults to None.

  • cloud_extra_info (str, optional) – extra info for Cloud. Defaults to None.

  • auth_info_ssl_cacert (str, optional) – ca file content if enabled ssl on auth-url. Defaults to None.

  • auth_info_ssl_insecure (bool, optional) – whether to verify VIM’s certificate. Defaults to None.

Return type


onapsdk.msb.msb_service module

Microsevice bus module.

class onapsdk.msb.msb_service.MSB

Bases: onapsdk.onap_service.OnapService

Microservice Bus base class.

base_url = 'https://msb.api.simpledemo.onap.org:30283'
headers: Dict[str, str] = {'Accept': 'application/json', 'Content-Type': 'application/json', 'cache-control': 'no-cache'}

onapsdk.msb.multicloud module

Multicloud module.

class onapsdk.msb.multicloud.Multicloud

Bases: onapsdk.msb.msb_service.MSB

MSB subclass to register/unregister instance to ONAP.

base_url = 'https://msb.api.simpledemo.onap.org:30283/api/multicloud/v1'
classmethod register_vim(cloud_owner, cloud_region_id, default_tenant=None)

Register a VIM instance to ONAP.

  • cloud_owner (str) – Cloud owner name

  • cloud_region_id (str) – Cloud region ID

  • default_tenant (str, optional) – Default tenant name. Defaults to None.

Return type


classmethod unregister_vim(cloud_owner, cloud_region_id)

Unregister a VIM instance from ONAP.

  • cloud_owner (str) – Cloud owner name

  • cloud_region_id (str) – Cloud region ID

Return type


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Microsevice bus package.